Movement and Dance

Dance your Bliss is a held process space supporting empowered being and respectful living, using sound and conscious movement to explore aspects of self and the meeting with other.

Incorporating Blissdance and other forms of conscious movement, Dance your Bliss is a community of dancers coming together to explore the dynamics of conscious connection through dance and the music that supports it. It is a facilitated experience that invites all of who we are in each present moment.

Blissdance was born of the late Dr Shakti Malan who was well loved and whose teaching was, and continues to be, a catalyst and support for many.

A free-form dance practice to deepen embodiment of consciousness and true intimacy with life. Consciousness is the deep stillness, the vast space that is the ground of our being, beyond our existing stories about who we are. From this stillness, new life gets birthed in each moment. The dance is designed to facilitate a deep dropping into the present moment.
Dr Shakti Malan
Originator of Blissdance

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