Sessions and retreats are an opportunity for non-judgmental support and guidance into a conscious exploration of self though intimacy, sexuality and relationship.

This exploration includes:

  • Practices to build and retain vital life-force energy
  • Giving and receiving loving, intimate and sensual touch
  • Exploring consent, boundaries and limitations
  • Releasing blocks through sound, touch and movement
  • Integrating inner masculine and feminine aspects
  • Accessing inner power, strength and self-love
  • Working with unconscious beliefs and behaviors
  • Working with kinks, fetishes and fantasies

In light of this, depending on other work you may have done, the first few sessions may tend towards creating a field of safety, working practically with boundaries, consent and anger, and creating permission for feelings to be felt and expressed in a safe way.

Conversation/counseling is balanced with a practical/experiential element (and ‘homework’).

The counseling is based primarily on two years of training in deep, empathic listening that puts you at the center of your own experience to access deep feelings and insights.

The practical is guided by and appropriate to what you bring to work with, and how this is revealed through the conversation. It is always offered as a suggestion, and if agreed, could take place within the current or subsequent session context, on your own, or with a partner of your choosing as homework.

Unlock and express inherent aliveness, unique potential and magnificence of being.

Prior to us agreeing to work together I invite you to book an exploratory conversation where I can provide further information about sessions and answer any questions you might have.


In-person or over the Internet – obviously the practical element over the Internet is guided and directed in terms of what is available.

Once-off/follow-on sessions are available at my discretion OR once an initial four session block or a weekend intensive has been completed. Check with me to find out if this applies.

Exploratory conversations may be discounted against either a four session block or weekend intensive where confirmed within a month of meeting.

* Concessions and exchanges available on request.

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