23 April 2018

I am an excitable person who only understands life lyrically, musically, in whom feelings are much stronger as reason. I am so thirsty for the marvellous that only the marvellous has power over me. Anything I can not transform into something marvellous, I let go. Reality doesn’t impress me. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls.
– Anais Nin

Let me be your muse. I guide and inspire men, women or couples on explorations to meet various aspects of themselves that are revealed through the penetrating lens of intimacy.  If you feel there is something missing in your life, that is calling you to a deeper part of yourself, if you are open to the growth that comes from self-examination, inquiry and vulnerability, I hold a safe space for you to explore all aspects of yourself – both the blissful and the painful (emotionally).

My session work is primarily a mindful, sensual experience within a safe container created by drawing clear boundaries so we both have realistic expectations about what we can provide in our relating. I am interested in helping people see who they really are – exploring their desires and fears – seeing what is holding them back from being more of themselves in the world.

I’d like to stress that, for me, this is not about giving a quick bliss fix. I am here if you are interested in a deeper journey, one that will push you to your emotional edges with deep caring.


“Learning Tantra through TantraMuse has helped me better understand myself at the core of Tantric practice. Her warmth and compassionate care, have provided me with the strength to surrender and give myself fully every day. Her gentle presence nourished me with clarity and purpose about my life, and how to carry myself in all my relationships. She’s a highly magnetic being, who is full of love, grace and patience that will strip away the false layers we all hide behind. She is a true teacher, and my gratitude for having learned through her continues to grow as I walk the path.” – Cyrus M, RYT


“What if you meet someone and it is a complete light bulb moment? A glimpse into what sexual awareness can be.

What if it is a soul that shines but at the same time is vulnerable – that understands vulnerability. A person that embraces but is cautious.

What if they are an owl with obvious wisdom and quite brilliant at passing on their knowledge.

What if it is someone who is afraid of heights but loves to skydive! So strong yet there is an ambivalence that lurks at the edges. Soft but with a core of steel.

What if this is your Achilles heel, your rabbit hole, your guide?

What if she is your muse?” S.D