Tara Rose

I am an excitable person who only understands life lyrically, musically, in whom feelings are much stronger as reason. I am so thirsty for the marvellous that only the marvellous has power over me. Anything I can not transform into something marvellous, I let go. Reality doesn’t impress me. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls.
– Anais Nin

I guide and inspire men, women or couples on explorations to meet various aspects of themselves that are revealed through the penetrating lens of intimacy.  If you feel there is something missing in your life, that is calling you to a deeper part of yourself, if you are open to the growth that comes from self-examination, inquiry and vulnerability, I hold a safe space for you to explore all aspects of yourself – both the blissful and the painful (emotionally).

My session work is primarily a mindful, sensual experience within a safe container. I am interested in helping people see who they really are – exploring their desires and fears – seeing what is holding them back from being more of themselves in the world.

I’d like to stress that, for me, this is not about giving a quick bliss fix. I am here if you are interested in a deeper journey, one that will push you to your emotional edges with deep caring.


I am a bodywork practitioner in Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Abdominal Emotional Detox Massage) and Fascia and Trauma Release. I have assisted on retreats with Andrew Barnes (Awakening Within Foundation). I have trained in Zen Coaching, Family Constellations and Fountain of Life (Womb Awakening). I am deeply inspired by Vipassana Meditation and Isaac Shapiro’s work. 


“Sessions with Tara are a numinous experience. She brings her depth and wealth of life experience and wisdom to the sessions in such a deeply held way which really allow my nervous system to reset and my body to surrender. I feel very loved and safe working with her and what I like about our sessions is that the journey of it feels very personal and intimate as opposed to a client/ therapist scenario. I really feel like she cares deeply. I got to feel some really deep stuff which was very painful but necessary. She is confident in how she holds space for me and knows how to take me deeper gently without traumatising me. It was this that allowed for my breakthrough. Thank you Tara.” – Marcelle S


“Tara has a gift and a capacity to touch not only the body but the Soul. In me through her touch she activated the wounds that needed to be met and felt (ancestral, past life, archetypal) and assisted with healing them. Tara is holding a space of deep inner exploration of the mysteries held in the body, that only become available through touch. Her presence is deep, focused, loving, compassionate. Some of my greatest experiences on my healing journey happened during the bodywork with Tara.” – Vlada P


“Tara has helped me better understand myself at the core of Tantric practice. Her warmth and compassionate care, have provided me with the strength to surrender and give myself fully every day. Her gentle presence nourished me with clarity and purpose about my life, and how to carry myself in all my relationships. She’s a highly magnetic being, who is full of love, grace and patience that will strip away the false layers we all hide behind. She is a true teacher, and my gratitude for having learned through her continues to grow as I walk the path.” – Cyrus M, RYT


“What if you meet someone and it is a complete light bulb moment? A glimpse into what sexual awareness can be.

What if it is a soul that shines but at the same time is vulnerable – that understands vulnerability. A person that embraces but is cautious.

What if they are an owl with obvious wisdom and quite brilliant at passing on their knowledge.

What if it is someone who is afraid of heights but loves to skydive! So strong yet there is an ambivalence that lurks at the edges. Soft but with a core of steel.

What if this is your Achilles heel, your rabbit hole, your guide?

What if she is your muse?” S.D

My Poetry

Ancient One

As a teenager, until my early 30s
I never liked my tummy
I became an expert at 
sucking in
squeezing in
holding in
holding back
taking up as little space 
as possible
Never quite flat enough
Never quite hard enough
Never quite thin enough
All those years

Now in my late 40s
Two beautiful children later 
Many years of learning
to love myself
I finally 

Now this ancient landscape 
draws me in
Vast mountain ranges
dried river beds
canyons, a deep cave
An old, venerable witch-hag
that resides in me
She appears to you 
through this thin stretched canvas
A part of me that is me
That is beyond me

This ancient landscape
That my children lay their
smooth cheeks upon
and say how soft it is
and how much they love it
And gaze at it 
The way one might look 
at an old familiar childhood home

This ancient landscape
Tiny stars woven across my skin
My own timeless universe
Into the centre of me
Old folding lines
Memories of expansion
making space for life
Larger than it could handle
Beyond its normal capacity
Life that has stretched me
further than I was meant to go

And life still stretches me

And if you look at me close enough
You can see 
the stretch marks 
of my heart
You can see 
a universe of stars
woven upon my soul.



This morning
I found my wings
During a beach walk
I stumbled across them 
At first
I barely recognised them
Worn and tattered
Carried by countless currents
Lying still in the sand
Covered in seaweed 
Teaming with sea lice
I disentangled the weeds 
Removed the lice
Brushed the sand away
As an archaeologist would with 
an ancient long-lost treasure
I picked them up
Held them in my arms

Put them on


We are. 
Even though we try 
so hard not to be
Even though we keep circling
back to the mental conclusion
of Not Belonging
We do.
We are. 
Perhaps we are not circling
But Spiralling
Each time we Return
We are wiser, stronger
more accepting, more loving
towards each other
towards ourselves
We are.
Beyond labels
Much More than a Lover
Twin Flame
We are. 
Beyond the mind’s understanding
Beyond distance
We are.
Drawn together
A gravitational pull
An immutable Law of Science
Relentlessly tugging our 
Universes together
We are.
Not enough
Too different
We are.
Still Unfolding
Thousands of Possibilities
We are.

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