Ten to One

29 December 2019 General No comments

Blink and it's another year; yet how everything that has happened fits into one year is a mystery to me.

I reflect back on my post of a year back, Stepping Out and Up, and there's a reflective sense of being mindful of what you put out to the universe (or in other words: careful what you wish for!).

The subtle of subtle

12 December 2019 General No comments

Slow the fuck down is a way to tap the exquisite vastness of subtle. As things tend towards stillness and silence the subtle expands towards the infinite. Our senses become fine-tuned and heightened to the nuances in a way that feels electric. The moment stretches out into an endless experience.

Introductory Conversation

4 January 2019 Offering No comments

Prior to agreeing to work together, I invite you to book an exploratory conversation where I provide information about sessions and answer any questions you might have.

Tantric Massage

4 January 2019 Q and A No comments

Hi there. One of other fetlife members mentioned you as someone that knows about tantric massages? I was just curious if anyone can learn these massages and what kinds you get?

Stepping out and up

25 December 2018 General No comments

2019 is the year for being unapologetic and larger than the suffocating closets we retreat into. This builds beautifully on 2018's embrace of greater joy and excitement, which is so crucial to loving and holding ourselves through the difficulty of stepping out and up.