18 January 2018 General No comments
You'll notice the word Tantra is used in a very limited way on this website. The primary reason is the chasm between my own awareness and integration of these practices into my own expression and the culture's projected fantasy about 'tantra'. While I am not yet ready to share my own perspective beyond what is already expressed in this website and in the direct 'work' I do, Bonnie Bliss graciously shared the following:

Four-handed sensual touch

16 January 2018 Offering No comments

Four-handed sensual and loving-touch experience.

Combines a fluid balance of masculine and feminine qualities designed to activate and enliven all senses of the body, heart and soul.

Spacious, respectful and consensual, creating a safe and deeply nurturing environment for deep relaxation and heig...

The reflective mind

4 October 2017 General No comments

Part of the reflective mind is a highly sophisticated (but totally impersonal) search engine.

Touching Taboo

22 September 2017 General Practice No comments

How do you respond to a suggestion that touches on a taboo, such as a suggestion to attend a discussion on anal play? Here's the scenario... 

A honeymoon tale

23 August 2017 General Practice No comments

A honeymoon story told by one of my teachers, Swami Rahasya: when two people come together in an agreement of relationship there comes a time when they wish to consummate this relationship, and so they approach a guide in such things...