• Published 2020-09-03

In one graceful movement she stretched, twisted lightly away from me to settle against his chest and looked purposefully into my eyes. He looked out into a distant, imaginary view as though nothing was happening.

  • Published 2020-08-23

Lying in bed I wait for my partner to arrive home that night. Suzan Ferreira runs a fine-dining restaurant on the other side of the city. When you’re in bed with a restaurant you scavenge for scraps of time together. Waiting is never a good practice. Patience is a great practice, but not waiting – […]

  • Published 2020-08-09

“Stephen, I have something to share with you.” Announcing something to share, rather than simply sharing it, holds a certain charge – a confusing edge of anticipation. At least the suggestion that one ought to be sitting to receive a piece of information hints that it will be challenging to receive. The vagueness of something […]

  • Published 2019-12-29

Blink and it’s another year; yet how everything that has happened fits into one year is a mystery to me. I reflect back on my post of a year back, Stepping Out and Up, and there’s a reflective sense of being mindful of what you put out to the universe (or in other words: careful […]

Stonework circles of a dome
  • Published 2019-12-12

Slow the fuck down is a way to tap the exquisite vastness of subtle. As things tend towards stillness and silence the subtle expands towards the infinite. Our senses become fine-tuned and heightened to the nuances in a way that feels electric. The moment stretches out into an endless experience.

Balconies of deteriorating building

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