A honeymoon tale

23 Aug 2017 General Practice No comments

A honeymoon story told by one of my teachers, Swami Rahasya: when two people come together in an agreement of relationship there comes a time when they wish to consummate this relationship, and so they approach a guide in such things...

I’m shy

21 Aug 2017 Q and A No comments

I am very interested in tantra and am just a bit shy. [...] I am just a bit concerned that nobody chooses me in the group, as I'm always too shy to approach anyone. Then I'm left by myself. Please could you help me to understand the dynamics and how it all plays out.

Weekend intensive retreat

20 Aug 2017 Offering No comments

Personal retreat opportunity for individuals or couples

The weekend intensive retreat is a safe container in which you (and you partner if present) can explore and express vulnerability at the edges of your comfort zone as a way of creating greater consciousness of yourself. This may take the for...

Being adult

20 Aug 2017 General 2 Comments

Being adult seems to be really hard. It is no wonder if we consider it's never really taught, there are few reliable role models and we carry so much unsolved emotional wounding.

Hope for Circumcised Sex

13 Aug 2017 General No comments

A circumcised penis may be limiting the experience of lovemaking in vaginal penetration but it's not the only factor. There is a great deal a man can learn (and heal) to experience penetrative lovemaking in a way that benefits both the man and the woman.