Being adult

20 August 2017 General 2 Comments

Being adult seems to be really hard. It is no wonder if we consider it's never really taught, there are few reliable role models and we carry so much unsolved emotional wounding.

Hope for Circumcised Sex

13 August 2017 General No comments

A circumcised penis may be limiting the experience of lovemaking in vaginal penetration but it's not the only factor. There is a great deal a man can learn (and heal) to experience penetrative lovemaking in a way that benefits both the man and the woman.

Femme Fatale

9 August 2017 General Practice No comments

Highlighted here are two polarities of projection onto the Femme Fatale archetype and instruction for bringing these to consciousness.

Inner safety to feel

5 August 2017 General Practice No comments
When you sit on the edge of emotions but feel fear around feeling anything too deeply, your inner feminine is calling to go into the dark and murky depths of her rich emotional landscape but is not feeling safe to do so. If this resonates, please receive this message for your inner-masculine:

The Intention

24 July 2017 General No comments
Can we agree to level up? For ourselves and for all our relations. There is no better time.