Photo by Luke Porter

Orgasmic choice

13 Jul 2014 Practice No comments

When the whistle blows the game is over. Painfully, we know this. Quickie sex is surely delightful. However, when I've created some decadent space to dissolve into delicious love making, a rapid orgasm can be tinged with disappointment.


22 Jun 2014 Practice No comments

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

From Reluctant Fool to Facilitator of Conscious Dance

26 May 2014 General 2 Comments

For me, dancing had a big, fat, juicy stigma attached to it. Being terrified of looking a fool, I was hesitant and reserved. It took massive dance parties with many thousands of people, where I could disappear into anonymity, to awaken the dancer in me. Once that happened I very quickly came to a knowing that dancing was good for me - not just 'fun to do' but fundamentally important to my overall well-being. I had tapping into an ancient knowing that was bursting in my cells to be expressed.

Soul Alchemy

1 Dec 2009 Practice No comments

Spiritual development can both 'transcend' the physical into spirit or enter more deeply into the physical. Embracing both, we take all of ourselves, accepting everything that is physical and inherently human, into spirit.

Reflections from Tantra in Kadampa Buddhism

28 Jun 2009 General No comments

I attended an introduction to Tantra in the Kadampa Buddhism tradition. As usual the Buddhist terminology had me shaking my head in confusion. I've interpreted the gist of it in flavours I am more familiar with, starting with some background as to why one would even consider a practise in Tantra in the first place.