Illustration by Jim Cooke
  • Sunday, 8 October 15h00-17h00
  • 11 Highwick Avenue, Claremont
  • R150 suggested contribution

Whether you tip towards secretively curious or outright horrified, anal play is an under-examined topic which holds tightly to strong opinion.

Generalized assumptions aside, in a world where sexual norms are relaxing, gender dynamics expanding and relationship structures becoming more accommodating, butt-play rests on the edge of forbidden taboo and dark fetishes, revealed in ‘polite’ company at the bottom-end of tasteless jokes.

Let us lift the shirt-tails, break the taboo, shine some light on this sensitive topic and talk openly about it.

In this discussion there will be opportunities to expose the assumptions, pose questions, express some feelings, consider the possibilities (for healing, pleasure and intimacy) and get a how-to, step-by-step guide.

This conversation is not dependent, nor has any bearing on, your gender identification or sexual orientation – it is a conversation for sensual and aware beings who are interested in the intimate vulnerability of human meeting.

Please join us.

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