Hanky Spanky, the Tantra of Impact Play

The Tantra of impact play for the novice kinkster – an introductory, practical workshop to exploring spanking and other safe forms of consensual impact play in erotic encounters.

This practical workshop is an experiential opportunity related to Love Slap, a facilitated conversation on the same topic. If you are unsure about attending the workshop perhaps join the discussion first.

The aim of this workshop is to provide a safe and playful container to experience giving and receiving a variety of different forms of impact.

In the workshop we will practice:

  • discussing boundaries and consent for a safe and respectful experience
  • the responsibilities of giving and receiving for ongoing communication and holding space
  • after-care for wrapping-up and containment post experience
  • having fun, experiencing pleasure and delight

Areas we will touch on during the workshop:

  • Creating a safe environment
  • The appealing chemistry of kink
  • Different forms of impact and their nuanced sensations
  • Safe areas of the body for impact and factors to consider
  • Emotional triggers, past trauma and the release of energy

What to bring:

  • a towel (if you plan to take a dip in the pool – costumes optional)
  • a sense of humour and willingness to explore

Things to note:

  • you will not be expected to participate in anything you don’t wish to
  • you will not be expected to be naked
  • the experiences will focus on sensuality and will not be sexual

Rayven is joined by Donna-Leigh Baird in hosting this workshop. Donna-Leigh has trained under and worked with one of London’s top BDSM practitioners. Her particular specialty is impact play which she incorporates into her session work.


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