• Published 2017-08-20

Being adult seems to be really hard. It is no wonder if we consider it’s never really taught, there are few reliable role models and we carry so much unsolved emotional wounding.

The opportunity though, especially as we begin to heal our wounds and claim our personal power, is to frame what ‘being adult’ is in relation to ourselves and others, and then create opportunities to practice (knowing that we won’t always meet our own expectations but that that’s part of the process of learning and refining).

Here are some ideas:

  • Holding as an underlying principle the notions of love and care – we’re not out to hurt anyone so don’t!
  • Taking 100% responsibility for our self-care
  • Taking 100% responsibility for our contribution to this present moment – our thoughts, words and actions
  • Communicating our clear agreement/consent
  • Communicating our limits and boundaries, especially when they are being crossed
  • Asking for what we want
  • Dropping expectations and honoring a no
  • Stop shaming and blaming
  • Stop defending, justifying and excusing
  • Stop taking responsibility for the feelings of others (which can manifest as a form of manipulation)

Some will be easier than other – depends personally on what you’re working with in terms of healing your inner-wounds.

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