From Reluctant Fool to Facilitator of Conscious Dance

  • Published 2014-05-26

For me, dancing had a big, fat, juicy stigma attached to it. Being terrified of looking a fool, I was hesitant and reserved. It took massive dance parties with many thousands of people, where I could disappear into anonymity, to awaken the dancer in me. Once that happened I very quickly came to a knowing that dancing was good for me – not just ‘fun to do’ but fundamentally important to my overall well-being. I had tapping into an ancient knowing that was bursting in my cells to be expressed.

Blissdance is a form of dance that acts as a technology for developing embodied consciousness. When I first danced Blissdance with Shakti I was able to face the discomfort of the stigma I had created. It was a safe container in which to do that and doing so dissolved the stigma.

I stepped through fears and limiting self beliefs to express myself in ways I had never previously imagined. Through the guidance of Blissdance I became more present and my self confidence blossomed. Dancing with others was not only enjoyable but exciting, dynamic, creative and surprising. I was learning more about myself, stepping towards an engagement with life that had never before been possible.

I was becoming enlivened. In the melting of the armouring and defences I had created to avoid looking a fool I returned to way of being, with myself and others, that I was desperately longing for. I was returning home within myself in a way that was natural and divine.

Now, as a conscious dance facilitator, I bring into the dance the themes of my present reality. These often mirror that of those around me. Through the process of formulation and dancing we all expand in our connected consciousness.

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