Sensual loving-touch

  • Published 2018-01-16

Sensual and loving-touch experience.

Comes in a variety of flavours from vanilla to kink (incorporating light, sensory elements of BDSM), as either two or four-handed.

Combines a fluid balance of masculine and feminine sensations and qualities designed to activate and enliven all senses of the body, heart and soul.

Spacious, respectful and consensual, creating a safe and deeply nurturing environment for deep relaxation and heighten awareness.

Responses may vary from ecstatic bliss to cathartic stress release and emotional healing.

The massage fee is R1200 (two-handed) or R1600 (four-handed) for a 2hr session.

Roughly what to expect

Primarily varying qualities of sensual touch from one or two pairs of hands, designed to activate and enliven the body senses, including other sensations (as appropriate), sounds (mostly music) and smells (mostly essential oils).

This is preceded with an arrival conversation that establishes a safe container for the experience, including boundaries of consent, and is concluded with an opportunity to check in and establish any aftercare needs.

Note that it’s a sensual experience – it is not intended as being sexual. Further, no specific parts of the body will receive ‘special’ attention, and where it is preferred that any particular part of the body not be included in the touch this will be stated when setting the boundaries of consent.

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