I’m shy

  • Published 2017-08-21

I am very interested in tantra and am just a bit shy. […] I am just a bit concerned that nobody chooses me in the group, as I’m always too shy to approach anyone. Then I’m left by myself. Please could you help me to understand the dynamics and how it all plays out.

Asked by A

In response:

Hi A… Tantra is very personal as each person is working though their own wounding in order to find their unique possibility that lies beyond that. For you it would be working with your shyness.

How it plays out is up to you.

What’s important is that you approach without an expected outcome – this is a life principle. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have or follow desires – these are important – it mean to not place an attachment on a particular outcome.

I am also shy and can relate to your fears, and after some work it now no longer concerns me whether I am ‘chosen’ (whatever that means in whatever context) or not – I can meet each possibility equally.

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