• Published 2019-12-29

Blink and it’s another year; yet how everything that has happened fits into one year is a mystery to me. I reflect back on my post of a year back, Stepping Out and Up, and there’s a reflective sense of being mindful of what you put out to the universe (or in other words: careful […]

Stonework circles of a dome
  • Published 2019-12-12

Slow the fuck down is a way to tap the exquisite vastness of subtle. As things tend towards stillness and silence the subtle expands towards the infinite. Our senses become fine-tuned and heightened to the nuances in a way that feels electric. The moment stretches out into an endless experience.

Balconies of deteriorating building
  • Published 2018-12-25

2019 is the year for being unapologetic and larger than the suffocating closets we retreat into. This builds beautifully on 2018’s embrace of greater joy and excitement, which is so crucial to loving and holding ourselves through the difficulty of stepping out and up.

  • Published 2018-11-14

I’ve often felt acting is a valuable capacity to develop as a life-skill in support of self-growth. You act a role, a certain desirable attitude or behaviour, and then ask: who’s acting? I believe it becomes difficult to claim it’s not you. It’s seemingly a contradiction – I’m just pretending so it’s not me yet […]

  • Published 2018-02-06

It’s a can, can, can and a go, go, go – 2018 is happening faster than this website can keep up with. Without getting stuck in reviewing and revamping the site to meet the needs of 2018, here’s the inside track…

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