12 Aug 2016 General No comments
The rational mind does not have the benefit of future-sight. There is though 'something' that does and 'it' communicates to us through the feeling of excitement.

From Reluctant Fool to Facilitator of Conscious Dance

26 May 2014 General 2 Comments

For me, dancing had a big, fat, juicy stigma attached to it. Being terrified of looking a fool, I was hesitant and reserved. It took massive dance parties with many thousands of people, where I could disappear into anonymity, to awaken the dancer in me. Once that happened I very quickly came to a knowing that dancing was good for me - not just 'fun to do' but fundamentally important to my overall well-being. I had tapping into an ancient knowing that was bursting in my cells to be expressed.

Reflections from Tantra in Kadampa Buddhism

28 Jun 2009 General No comments

I attended an introduction to Tantra in the Kadampa Buddhism tradition. As usual the Buddhist terminology had me shaking my head in confusion. I've interpreted the gist of it in flavours I am more familiar with, starting with some background as to why one would even consider a practise in Tantra in the first place.

Romantic Love

27 Apr 2009 General No comments

Romantic love appears in many ways to be a deeply ingrained fantasy that cannot be fulfilled.