Introductory Conversation

4 January 2019 Offering No comments

Prior to agreeing to work together, I invite you to book an exploratory conversation where I provide information about sessions and answer any questions you might have.

Your fantasies, and beyond…

6 March 2018 Offering No comments
Galen Fous talks about the Personal Erotic Myth (PEM) - discover and explore your PEM...

Sensual loving-touch

16 January 2018 Offering No comments

Sensual and loving-touch experience.

Comes in a variety of flavours from vanilla to kink (incorporating light, sensory elements of BDSM), as either two or four-handed.

Combines a fluid balance of masculine and feminine sensations and qualities designed to activate and enliven all senses of the bo...

Weekend intensive retreat

20 August 2017 Offering No comments

Personal retreat opportunity for individuals or couples

The weekend intensive retreat is a safe container in which you (and you partner if present) can explore and express vulnerability at the edges of your comfort zone as a way of creating greater consciousness of yourself. This may take the for...