• Published 2017-09-22

How do you respond to a suggestion that touches on a taboo, such as a suggestion to attend a discussion on anal play? Here’s the scenario… 

  • Published 2017-08-23

A honeymoon story told by one of my teachers, Swami Rahasya: when two people come together in an agreement of relationship there comes a time when they wish to consummate this relationship, and so they approach a guide in such things…

  • Published 2017-08-09

Highlighted here are two polarities of projection onto the Femme Fatale archetype and instruction for bringing these to consciousness.

  • Published 2017-08-05

When you sit on the edge of emotions but feel fear around feeling anything too deeply, your inner feminine is calling to go into the dark and murky depths of her rich emotional landscape but is not feeling safe to do so. If this resonates, please receive this message for your inner-masculine:

  • Published 2014-07-13

When the whistle blows the game is over. Painfully, we know this. Quickie sex is surely delightful. However, when I’ve created some decadent space to dissolve into delicious love making, a rapid orgasm can be tinged with disappointment.

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