The Reality of Friends and Lovers

In one graceful movement she stretched, twisted lightly away from me to settle against his chest and looked purposefully into my eyes. He looked out into a distant, imaginary view as though nothing was happening.

If silence could be taken as consent that moment held us all in common agreement as to the potential of what might occur. Potential held its breath to see what would happen next.

With a poignant sigh her body relaxed satisfyingly into his. He began to stoked her hair – he couldn’t help himself – and sought out even more distant and more imaginary views.

I lay between her legs, her pelvis receiving the weight of my head, and closed my eyes. Silence and Potential crooned a duet as Stillness joined the embrace with its light caress. My fingers traced messages up her thighs, beneath her dress. The electricity that danced through her skin calling me further up until the tips of my fingers found its epicenter pulsing through cotton pants.

I teased lightly, imagining my tongue parting lips beneath the layers, yet maintained my own appearance that nothing was happening. Reveling in the subtle responses of her body, the inappropriateness, I secretly hoped he could feel this indiscretion and the arousal in her body.

Imperceptible moans whispered to Silence to the great delight of Potential. Needing to see I glanced up at them. She, eyes closed as she accepted her pleasure, reached out to stoke his face. Stillness bowed delicately away.

He looked slightly alarmed to have his important views dissolved.

She, unconcerned, slipped her fingers behind his head, guiding his face towards hers – calling him to participate in an urgent embrace of lips and tongue as her body began to arch.

Discretion slipped off with Stillness as I opened my desire, exposing a juicy, engorged pussy, and began a conversation of no words. Silence watch in awe while Potential look smugly satisfied…

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