An introduction

It can be expected that there will be fear, anxiety and resistance. That is okay.

You are invited to notice where you are in relation to what you fear.

Your feelings and thoughts may be about something in the future, an anticipation. That is the unknown, the edge. Simply be there and notice.


Observe your thoughts.

In this moment, notice what of it is real – the truth of what you are experiencing.

There may also be desires – wanting to experience or achieve something.

The wanting and fears often come together. The dance between the two is in essence what Buddha referred to as suffering.

Notice the desires and your attachment to them. What does it says about you now.

If ________ happens then I will be________. So what I feel about myself now is________.

Feel that.

Don’t escape it. Notice your techniques to escape. Can you expose these to yourself and learn to recognise them?

Introduction to the practice is done lightly.

There’s really only one thing to do and that is: slow the FUCK down!

We so easily get ahead of ourselves and skip over what’s happening right now. We’re driving towards an outcome, seeking the next experience or getting caught up in a drama. Slow down and notice what’s going on. Start with your breathing.

Are you breathing?

Attention to breathing helps take attention away from the mind and its distractions. Allowing breathing helps to invite relaxation, openness and availability into the body. This allows inner awareness to feel emotions. Felt emotions allow blocked energy to release from the body. A flow of energy brings greater aliveness. Greater aliveness has more capacity to take one gentle step closer to the fullness of your potential.

Are you breathing?

The instruction is simple: breath, relax your body and feel.

No reserve, no holding back.


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