May lying down with riding crop on face
  • Sunday, 4 Febuary 15h00-17h00
  • 11 Highwick Avenue, Claremont
  • R150 suggested contribution

Hitting, biting and pinching are unlikely to have been enthusiastically encouraged in your formative years. 

The sleazy undertone of a slap and a tickle hardly make light of the horror of domestic violence and abuse, and a good spanking generally implies punishment for being bad.

Bringing consensual impact play into the bedroom, where pain and pleasure boogie to the same beat, can cause the mind to overheat with confusion.

So let’s talk about it!

Following the insightful Love Zero, a conversation on Anal Play, and the provocative Love Three, where we chatted about everything threesome, you are invited to join a group of brave and curious explorers in an honest and open conversation about impact play.

In this discussion there will be opportunities to expose the assumptions, pose questions, express some feelings, consider the possibilities (for healing, pleasure and intimacy) and get a how-to, step-by-step guide.

This conversation is not dependent, and has no bearing on, your gender, sexual or relationship orientation – it is a conversation for sensual and aware beings who are interested in the intimate vulnerability of human meeting.

Please join us.
(blushing and giggling are welcome)

"...had all my burning questions answered and curiosity satisfied..."
-- feedback from a prior conversation

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