“Even if you previously granted consent, if you lose the ability to revoke that consent, from that moment on, there is no consent. And if someone takes that control over your consent from you, or ignores that you have lost your control over your consent, that is rape. You must be in control of, and able to revoke, your consent at all times for that consent to remain valid.”

A fantastic article on consent by Kate H.

Don’t get sidetracked by the context in which it’s explained – these principles are universal to relationship and need not be confined to sexual interactions.

In my experience this is an area where we are ill-equipped and inexperienced, creating challenges in our sense of self and relationship.

If you are a parent, or in any guardianship/mentor-ship/leadership/teaching role, getting equipped, practiced AND comfortable in healthy, consensual and respectful relating is essential to your ability to model and guide these behaviors.

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