Femme Fatale

  • Published 2017-08-09

Highlighted here are two polarities of projection onto the Femme Fatale archetype and instruction for bringing these to consciousness.

The first is a projection from the collective feminine consensus reality. To other women, the Femme Fatale is publicly admonished while being secretly admired. Who, in their feminine, hasn’t aspired to be a Lara Croft-type – a dark yet ridiculously sexy heroine who lives by her own law, seduces any man she wishes to and outwits all who seek to destroy her? Yet, know that person in our community and she’s shunned as the not-to-be-be-trusted, slut, trouble-maker.

The Advaita Tantra School refer to this as the Women’s Union (read more about this in Sexual Awakening for Women by Dr Shakti Malan). It is the unconscious social agreement to keep each other in-line and, unless brought to conscious awareness, we are all complicit in this in some way, supporting a moral law that defuses personal power.

The second projection comes from the masculine who, despite the fear of annihilation, is drawn in like a moth to flame. The Femme Fatal is the human Prey Mantis or classical Siren, holding back nothing to satisfy her desires in the sexiest and most intelligent ways possible.

The masculine has no choice but to serve her with no promise of reward – his most likely outcome being to be discarded as an empty shell once his purpose is served.


  1. Dance each of these polarities (separately), the admiration and contempt, as well as desire and fear.

    A way to dance each is to step into the one side of the polarity and allow your body to express it – don’t think it, trust your body – and then, step into the other side and do the same. For example, first I step into Fear and express that with my body, and then I step into Desire and express that. Keep repeating by initially allowing a bit of time in each polarity and then slowly speed it up until you find a natural integration between the two, a middle way.

    Dance this middle way in a way that allows the feeling of the integration to be felt and remembered in your body.

  2. Seriously consider and own the parts of you that carry these projections – name them, write them down or create a collage from pictures you find, and see if you can identify where you hold your own self expression back because of these judgments.

    Feel fully the loss, desire and fear of your unique and wonderful magnificence wishing to break free and express itself.

  3. Bring the integration experienced from the dance into expression, creating permission to embrace and express the parts of you that are the Femme Fatale.

    Feel it in your being, doing something to ground it such as writing a story or poem about yourself, drawing a picture of yourself or dressing the part.

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