Inner safety to feel

  • Published 2017-08-05

When you sit on the edge of emotions but feel fear around feeling anything too deeply, your inner feminine is calling to go into the dark and murky depths of her rich emotional landscape but is not feeling safe to do so.

If this resonates, please receive this message for your inner-masculine:

Dear inner-masculine:

Please, create a space of safety for your inner-feminine to feel raw and exposed – a space where she is both physically and emotionally safe from any harm.

Consider things like a soft place to lie down, blankets to cover yourself with, pillows to bash in rage and anger – and eliminate all external intrusions and responsibilities.

Invite her by sincerely welcoming ALL that she brings.

Then, protect that space fiercely – just as you would for a defenseless infant or wounded animal.

Remain in your heart at all times, feeling compassion and love in your witnessing. Part of the safety is her feeling the Love you have for her.

She may not trust you at first – be patient and remain in your heart.

Give her as much time as she needs to feel the integrity of your Loving Support.

Have no expectations and know that by simply creating this safety, and stepping back to allow, you have provided a great and honorable gift.

Thank you. I love you.

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