• Published 2017-07-24

Can we agree to level up? For ourselves and for all our relations. There is no better time.

I don’t know what you or I are leveling up to – let’s find out.

I don’t know how to either – that’s the excitement of creative discovery and yes, I may have a few ideas. Let’s share.

I’m asking: can we agree to? Can we hold it as an intention, perhaps The Intention?

An intention underpinned by self-care, self-love and self-respect – and in so being, holding others with care, love and respect.

An intention we can return to and evaluate against: how can I hold myself and respond to this moment in a way that supports my intention to level up?

My wish is to level up, from a place of care, love and respect, for all my relations.

For my children, friends, lovers, mentors, colleagues, clients, community, tribe, ancestral lineage, Earth… I agree to level up.

I cancel all existing agreements to keep myself or any of my relations small.

I am deeply sorry to all I have not cared for, not treated with love and respect, including my current, past and future selves, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Please forgive me.

I love myself. I love you.

Thank you.

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