Ten to One

  • Published 2019-12-29

Blink and it’s another year; yet how everything that has happened fits into one year is a mystery to me.

I reflect back on my post of a year back, Stepping Out and Up, and there’s a reflective sense of being mindful of what you put out to the universe (or in other words: careful what you wish for!).

There’s no way I could have known I would sell everything to be in a foreign country I had no intention of ever visiting. Nor how welcomed I would be as a reflection of a potential that feels soo much larger than I believe myself to be.

Many times I’ve teetered an edge of overwhelm and panic, questioning why I’m here and literally crumpling under the largeness I’m encountering. At the same time I’ve drawn on the threads of self-love and care I’ve gathered over the past two or so years, nurturing the vulnerable, frightened and insecure part of myself.

“Shanti, shanti” is what they’d say here, but it’s certainly not just about slowing down and doing nothing. As I express in MyOneLife, life is accelerating at a phenomenal pace. It’s requiring of us a new way of being with the chasm of unknown gaping before us. It’s one thing to step out and up, it’s another to step again, and again until it’s a walk, or a dance.

On January 12th the Dances With Chaos page will have been active for 10 years. Recently I had opportunity to reflect on this past decade. The question posed was “…what professional experience/training/personal development have you been undertaking?“. Wow, what an amazing reflective experience – I had no idea just how much of those 10 years was invested in this continuous cycle of learning and development, practice and sharing of gifts/talents/super-powers with the extended tribe.

Fatherhood and relationship, facilitation in various forms, learning to create music and activate the rhythms and melody of voice, retreats, plant medicines, nervous-system breakdowns… it’s all in there, and it doesn’t end…

I feel so grateful and humbled by the perfectness of what is, and curious to reflect on the steps currently being taken.

Best wishes for the next Ten to One,

p.s. In case you missed it, I’m sharing aspects of my travels in India on Instagram

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