Stepping out and up

  • Published 2018-12-25

2019 is the year for being unapologetic and larger than the suffocating closets we retreat into. This builds beautifully on 2018’s embrace of greater joy and excitement, which is so crucial to loving and holding ourselves through the difficulty of stepping out and up.

Be authentic.
Be direct.
Be unapologetic.

…and I add one more: Be humble.

This is not a contradiction.

Being humble is without defense. It’s being empathetic, taking the other’s experience into regard. Being empowered, without dis-empowering those you affect. Being responsible and owning the consequences of past actions.

In the practice of ho’oponopono the gesture of “I’m sorry, please forgive me.” is not apologetic, it’s humble. Being humble is not weak, it’s empowered. Being empowered is not forceful, it’s loving.

One of the most self-loving things we can do is to stand in our truth.

Step out of smallness and up to our unique gifts.

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