Your fantasies, and beyond…

6 March 2018 Offering No comments

Galen Fous talks about the Personal Erotic Myth (PEM) – discover and explore your PEM…

Some years ago I co-facilitated explorations of erotic fantasies with my then teacher and colleague, Dr Shakti Malan. A conscious exploration of fantasy is an incredibly insightful and empowering experience, breathing vibrant vitality into being. It’s edgy work, held in a considerate, supportive and caring way.

I’m excited to offer this again as it holds soo much value for personal transformation.

It will be run one evening a week over six weeks, with an on-line group space to share and participate in an ongoing process.

Are you interested? Once I have a minimum of six people interested we can schedule it. The venue will most likely be Avalon in Claremont. The facilitation fee will be a sliding scale according to your means.

I will write up and post more information to this page soon.

In the meantime, take a look at Galen Fous’s PEMSurvey to spark your imagination, and excitement…


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