2018, it’s a go, go, go!

  • Published 2018-02-06

It’s a can, can, can and a go, go, go – 2018 is happening faster than this website can keep up with. Without getting stuck in reviewing and revamping the site to meet the needs of 2018, here’s the inside track…

Skip to the low-down…

Back story: I started with session work, and facilitating Tantra courses, workshops and retreats, around 2007 with my then mentor and teacher, the late Dr Shakti Malan. Then, after becoming a father, I took a break around 2011 – let’s say I entered into my next wave of personal development and receiving teaching.

My reentry ignited from the ashes of the Cape Peninsular fires of 2015, and everything had changed. Since then little sparks of inspiration have lit a path and suddenly things are taking shape in a way that is beginning to make sense to me.

I feel as if I woke up on 1 January this year and everything had changed again, but this time from the inside out.

I opened the year with this feeling:

Embrace greater joy and excitement, without having worked through all the ‘stuff’ – this does not mean the work stops but rather the division between what is our delight and our challenge become less exclusive, holding space for our highest and lowest expression at the same time.

The first Dance your Bliss of the year on Scared Union was such a large and vital topic an entire retreat is emerging in its wake (details to come). Apparently unrelated pieces of a mysterious puzzle are melding in unexpected ways as a story for 2018 begins to form.

In summary, this is what’s shaping:

1. Sessions

2. Conscious Movement

Facilitating Dance your Bliss every third Wednesday in Kalk Bay (next one is 7th February), and occasionally on Monday night at Avalon’s Dance Fusion: Intimate Moves.

These aside, conscious movement forms a vital aspect of all I do and will be part of certain workshops and the retreats.

3. Difficult conversations

Difficult conversations is an invitation to share in group dialogue about topics that are not normally spoken about, with an intention of shedding more light, reducing the shame and thereby creating opportunities for compassionate relating and mutual empowerment.

I cannot express how vital and important the potential of these conversations feel. Worldwide there’s a call for greater integrity and accountability, particularly in areas of power imbalance and abuse/violations. It’s a call for community and support for all, that holds the potential of us all stepping into a way of meeting that seeks to recognize, include and empower difference for collective benefit.

Our ability to show up for and hold difficult conversations will be a great asset – so let’s learn and practice together.

4. Workshops and courses

A variety of topics are planned covering:

  • Light BDSM (bondage, impact, power and sensation play)
  • Exploring conscious kink, fetishes and fantasies
  • Exploring consent, boundaries and limitations (edges)
  • Giving and receiving loving, intimate and sensual touch
  • Integrating inner masculine and feminine aspects
  • Orgasm control and energy play

The first was Hanky Spanky, the Tantra of Impact Play. Coming up are loving-touch workshops and talks in Cape Town and Johannesburg:

5. Retreats

Four are planned for 2018 and will combine elements of all the above in particularly focused and exciting ways – I am delighted to share details soon…

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