Soul Alchemy

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Spiritual development can both ‘transcend’ the physical into spirit or enter more deeply into the physical. Embracing both, we take all of ourselves, accepting everything that is physical and inherently human, into spirit.

When developing conscious awareness without separation of good and bad,  everything is included, even those parts of ourselves for which we feel doubt, fear or shame. This inclusion happens in the physical reality of our everyday existence.

We can do this by approaching spiritual development from two directions: by developing a flow and connection to spirit through the energetic practices of sacred sexuality, and by shining a light onto the dark, murky depths of our unconscious.

Steiner wrote about The Double, Carl Jung explored The Shadow – any attempt to manifest higher potential will result in a possible meeting with our unconscious and denied aspects of self that hold us back from that higher potential.

Those aspects of ourselves we do not integrate into our conscious awareness control us. If we care to notice we see it in our habits and wounds whenever we react or suppress in a way that makes us feel diminished.

The opportunity is to face the shame of our darkness, to be fully present with it, and in that meeting to transform ourselves towards our higher potential.

The Rose Cross Meditation (below) and other practices, such as Undefended Love (Dr. Jett Psaris and Dr. Marlena S. Lyons) or the work of Byron Katie, provide processes that facilitate becoming aware of these aspects which hold us back and to enter deeply the raw material of our existence.

With intention and a willingness, every moment is an opportunity to face oneself completely and manifest our potential.


The Rose Cross Meditation forms part of the body of knowledge by Rudolf Steiner, where the rose represents our higher potential and the cross our darkness – through the meditation the hard, cold, black cross is transformed into the blood-red, lively and fragrant rose.

The Rose Cross Mediation can be summarised as:

  1. Hold a higher aspiration, the potential or possibility which obeys cosmic law without compromise

  2. Acknowledge the gap between the here-and-now and our potential and then suffer it, going deeply into the physical body feeling the intensity of all emotions

  3. Practically work with and process what comes up

  4. Experience union with your higher being

  5. Meditate

In other words, before one can really experience meditation, one must go fully into the physical to acknowledge and transform all that is present in the body.


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