Tantric Massage

  • Published 2019-01-04

Hi there. One of other fetlife members mentioned you as someone that knows about tantric massages? I was just curious if anyone can learn these massages and what kinds you get?

Asked by G

In response:

Hi G… yes, I am trained in and teach tantric practices.

Tantric massage can mean different things to different people. Sometimes what is meant by tantric massage is sensual or erotic massage, however that ends up looking.

Tantra is a personal spiritual practice that may at times involve touch-work that tends to be energetically and emotional process focused.

Broadly, the intention behinds a sensual massage is pleasure and arousal, while the intention behind a tantric practice is ‘healing’ or personal growth (like going to therapy).

Not that this is exclusive: sensual massage can be very healing, and may be used as a tantric practice; and tantric practices can be very pleasurable and orgasmic.

The experience, skill, awareness, integrity and a level of mastery in self-practice of the giver are all important factors in creating and holding a safe space for the experience of the receiver.

Both can be learnt and both have a number of variations depending on what the intention is as agreed with the receiver.

I recommend loving-touch, both receiving and learning to give, as an essential starting point for either.

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