Touching Taboo

  • Published 2017-09-22

How do you respond to a suggestion that touches on a taboo, such as a suggestion to attend a discussion on anal play? Here’s the scenario… 

  • It’s held at a safe, suburban venue during the light of day.
  • It’s a discussion not a workshop – no danger of needing to engage anything other that the mind (okay, a talk may be less intimidating). You wouldn’t have to say anything, just listen – nothing would be expected of you.
  • Anyone you see there is there for the same discussion (whatever their reason or interest).
  • And it’s a discussion only – you’re not being sold anything and there’s no covert intention to convert. You view (or silence) would be respected and regarded as entirely valid.

How do you respond?

Do you believe it’s safe, there’s no expectation and your needs and perspective would be respected?

The work of taboo can have very little to do with the taboo itself. Meeting a taboo is the human equivalent of a Hadron Collider, releasing and exposing particles of the unconscious.

In the example of a discussion on anal play the topic is almost not important – participating (actively or passively) in such an unspoken conversation is where the gold lies.

In your response, notice what comes up for you – be it a sense of secretive curiosity or outright horror.

Notice if there are any judgments, or other ego thought-forms, that attempt to create a separation between you and ‘them’.

Notice if there is fear and see if you can track the vulnerability lying beneath the fear.

Safely feeling discomfort strengthens your capacity to meet your life’s greatest longing.

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